Types of Adoption

shot of twin sisters sharing a secret lookingIf you have been part of an adoption process before, you know it’s not always easy, but it is always worth it! November is National Adoption Month, and Minerich Law is pleased to have had the opportunity to work with many families in the Pittsburgh area to help them navigate the adoption process,

There are many types of adoptions:

  • Kinship adoption
    • Adoption of a child who is related to the adoptive parents is called kinship adoption. This is when a child is adopted by a grandparent, aunt, uncle or even an older brother or sister. The courts often prefer that students are adopted by family to try to maintain family connections.
  • Independent adoption
    • This adoption occurs when parents willingly allow their child to be adopted by others that they know and work with directly rather than go through an agency.
  • International adoption
    • This occurs when individuals choose to adopt a child from another country. There are many unique processes and rules that must be adhered to for each country and help by an agency is normally required.
  • Stepparent adoption
    • A common type of adoption – a stepparent adoption occurs when a parent’s new spouse adopts the parent’s child from a different partner.  Usually, the consent of the other parent is required.

Regardless of the type of adoption, legal counsel is necessary. Minerich Law is experienced in all types of adoption and is here to help you with your adoption matter.



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