Facebook Review: 5 Stars

February 18, 2017

She handles a complicated case for me with ease and impressive ability. Straightforward, honest, and incredibly knowledgeable. My only regret was not contacting her sooner. She produced excellent results with what she had to work with by the time I had contacted her. Don’t wait to contact her, the sooner she is involved with your case, the better. My case involves family law, and I am sure that she is as impressive in the other areas of law that she practices. She knows her stuff.

Facebook Review: 5 stars

January 31, 2015

Highly researched and investigated the details of my case, was quick to read and respond to my many emails, skillfully authored briefs and other legal documents, filed any and all paperwork on my behalf, and represented me in court when necessary. Everything about working with her was easy, down to being able to pay my bill online. I admit that most of her time was probably spent explaining things to me and simply showing her support for me throughout what was a very stressful situation. I can’t imagine how I could have been any more pleased with another lawyer, and I can’t think in what way you could be dissatisfied with her services should you require legal representation. If you want a lawyer who is going to fight hard for your interests, carefully thinks out all strategies and options, and is great at working both for and with you, you can’t go wrong with Jessie Minerich.